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VMS Software

VMS or Video Management Software is important for the IP camera system. It enables easy management of security video footage and comes with a wide range of features that help improve video systems. However, if you have VMS then you will not need the NVR (Network Video Recorder), which allows storage, recording and viewing your security footage.

VMS is typically for Windows, Linux or UNIX servers and allows users to monitor more than one camera. Although you can view your footage using an actual web browser, you have limitations on the number of features available. At Metro Video Systems, you will find multiple IP security camera solutions to meet your needs.

IP Surveillance Camera Software Features

Depending on your choice, if you opt for VMS instead of the NVR system, then you need to know the features that come with the software. Usually, IP security camera platforms come with a built-in video analytics tool, which optimizes performance of the IP security camera. The standard features of IP surveillance camera software include:

  • Simultaneous viewing or monitoring several IP cameras at the same time
  • Search function allows you to review a specific recorded event by searching for it
  • Wide range of options for recording, like recording continuously, on a schedule, motion detection or alarm system
  • Alarm system that can notify you when someone tampers with your camera
  • Video playback
  • Export recordings and images
  • Audio capabilities
  • Storage on Micro SD card to allow frame rate control, and allows you to process a large set of data
  • Digital control for Dome and PTZ cameras
  • Allows compression of videos to help save bandwidth
  • More storage capacity (depending on VMS brand)

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