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Industry Solutions

Video surveillance systems have become increasingly popular among a variety of industries, providing them with not only improved safety, but also peace of mind. From preventing theft at retail stores to monitoring customer/staff behavior in restaurants and solidifying the security in schools and hospitals, a video surveillance system offers an ideal solution for any industry’s security nightmares. Designed to work in accord, a proper IP video surveillance system comes with everything you need to conveniently set up the system.

These systems are available with a diverse range of cameras specifically designed for thorough monitoring of the inside and outside of your premises. Providing you with round the clock recordings from day/night cameras and weather resistant outdoor cameras that are best suited for extreme environments, such as marine ports or bus stops, a video surveillance system will let you breathe in peace.

Solution by Applications

Metro Video Services offers a wide array of styles and a number of features for security cameras that are excessively being used in most industries of the world today. These applications can help businesses deal with vandalism, theft, weather monitoring and much more.

Through the combination of strong outdoor housing facilities with advanced camera features or a highly discreet camera design, an IP camera can easily be installed anywhere, without many limitations. This helps your ability of monitoring outdoor and indoor business activities diligently, recording from highly remote locations, away from the untrained eye. You also enjoy the ability of identifying any suspicious activity within or outside your premises and increase the safety conditions of your establishment.

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