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Industry Solutions

Video surveillance systems have become increasingly popular among a variety of industries, providing them with not only improved safety, but also peace of mind. From preventing theft at retail stores to monitoring customer/staff behavior in restaurants and solidifying the security in schools and hospitals, a video surveillance system offers an ideal solution for any industry’s security nightmares. Designed to work in accord, a proper IP video surveillance system comes with everything you need to conveniently set up the system.

These systems are available with a diverse range of cameras specifically designed for thorough monitoring of the inside and outside of your premises. Providing you with round the clock recordings from day/night cameras and weather resistant outdoor cameras that are best suited for extreme environments, such as marine ports or bus stops, a video surveillance system will let you breathe in peace.

Featured Industries

Discover how a surveillance system can aid your business, be it in manufacturing, construction or hospitality, and acquire useful tips on how to choose a system that is specifically best for your industry requirements. Prime factors to consider are video quality, remote or mobile live streaming, storage capacity, and camera form and functionality.

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Cafés, Diners and Restaurants

Whether you operate a small neighborhood cafe or a large restaurant, video surveillance systems will help you supervise and secure your employees and customers. Stay connected with mobile viewing apps on smartphones and tablets, even when you’re not in the restaurant.

Discover the benefits that video surveillance can bring:

  • It dissuades dine-and-dashers from demeaning your restaurant
  • Excellent tool to monitor efficient patron flow and wait service
  • Limits chances of theft and vandalism
  • Convenient monitoring via smartphone & tablet viewing when away

Commercial Buildings & Offices

Ensure your staff’s safety and prevent theft of expensive equipment with a video surveillance system. Businesses, big or small, can use these systems to guarantee worker safety, deter vandalism, and hold proof of any workplace incidents.

The advantages include:

  • Reduction in theft
  • Prevention of internal theft by staff & contractors
  • Daily monitoring of operations
  • Facility observance on a smartphone or tablet while on the move
  • Improved customer service
  • Dissuasion of trespassers and vandals
  • Reduction in liability claims & lawsuits


Your hospital premises, costly medication, doctors, staff, and patients can be kept safe with centralized video management software.

Benefits of video surveillance in this regard include:

  • Patient records and identities being kept safe
  • Ensuring health and safety standards being met by staff
  • Allowing for remote surveillance via smartphone or tablet
  • Preventing unauthorized personnel from accessing restricted areas
  • Preventing vandalism and other crimes
  • Increases safety for patients and staff

Hospitality Venues

IP video surveillance can assist in crowd management at sporting events, casinos, hotels, conventions, health clubs, churches, protecting valuable exhibits at museums and much more.

Read the following benefits by installing multiple cameras with video management apps:

  • Upgrade your customer service
  • Remotely monitor events from smartphone or tablet
  • Curb theft and vandalism
  • Keep a check on dishonest employees and possible criminal activity
  • Reduce business liability
  • Ensure the event’s security
  • Improved crowd control at mass events

Industrial Environments

Supervise staff performance and safety, curb larceny in your industrial warehouses, farms, factories or construction sites with the IP video networking benefits. This equipment allows you to stay connected to the system with apps for computers, smartphones, and tablets designed to enable remote and mobile viewing access.

This intelligent security system will benefit you by:

  • Preventing theft
  • Protecting workers
  • Securing your buildings
  • Enabling remote surveillance of the premises from smartphone or tablet
  • Dissuading trespassers trying to gain unauthorized access to facility

Manufacturing & Assembling Industry

Pricey machinery, inventory, and manufacturing equipment, all needs to be secured. Video surveillance systems monitor employees operating heavy machinery safety, and record the events of any unfortunate workplace accidents.

Modern day surveillance designed for those in the manufacturing industry, has the following benefits:

  • It reduces chances of theft
  • Keeps an eye on the staff
  • Inspects and assesses daily operations
  • Minimizes false liability claims
  • Secures premises and assets
  • Saves time with remote site management
Public Sector

Public Sector

Various government departments make use of IP video surveillance, be it for observing public park activities or protecting workforce and prisoners at penitentiary and corrections facilities.

The government derives significant surveillance benefits in the form of:

  • Resizable systems that can be expanded when needed
  • Mobile and remote viewing through flexible IP security
  • Thwarting theft and vandalism
  • Ensuring maximum public safety
  • Discouraging potential criminals from crimes
  • Alleviating everyday security threats
  • Reducing liability
Real Estate

Real Estate

Supervise several properties with customized video surveillance designed to include interior and outside, day and night cameras for easy monitoring.

Let’s check out the advantages:

  • Protect your property from material damage
  • Alleviate the threat of crimes from tenant's misbehavior
  • Minimize liability with a nonbiased footage of your property
  • Prevent unwanted guests from using on-site parking lot
  • View surveillance video from a smartphone or tablet
  • Decrease theft and vandalism

Residential & Commercial Construction

During construction, surveillance cameras can prove to be handy in monitoring and securing buildings. Installing security camera systems into the building structure from the start allows best placements to ensure clearer observation and hassle free installation.

Let’s take a look at how video surveillance benefits your construction company.

  • It makes curbing theft easier
  • Keeps petty criminals and trespassers out
  • Makes sure your employees have a safe working place
  • Helps you keep an eye on the construction process
  • Allows you to follow up on the construction site from your smartphone
  • Protects you from costly liability suits
Retail Shops

Retail Shops & Businesses

Be it for improving store designs, ensuring safety of staff and customers, or observing crowds, a video surveillance system is a useful tool for retail businesses, shopping malls, department stores, gas stations and banks.

Installing retail security cameras offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced theft, both internal and external
  • Easy footage review on the go
  • Discouraging shoplifters and dishonest employees
  • Decreased annual theft losses

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Keep school buildings and campuses safe with video surveillance systems. Centralized video management software helps you view the footage from multiple cameras all over the campus from a particular place.

Listed below are the pros of school video surveillance:

  • Put off intruders from entering school facility
  • Prevent students from making mischief
  • Deter criminal activities
  • Remote monitoring of school from smartphone or tablet
  • Ensures the protection of the staff, students and school administrators


With countless commuters daily, video surveillance has become an important factor in providing safety to people on buses, airports, subway stations, and more. Wireless surveillance systems allow you to record and save files directly to the camera, irrespective of the camera position.

Video surveillance benefits the transport industry as follows:

  • Prevents crime and deters potential criminals
  • Alleviates vandalism
  • Provides safer commuting for passengers
  • Supervises and assesses employee accountability and responsibility
  • Allows for remote viewing off-site from a smartphone or tablet
  • Reduces chances of passenger injury liability claims


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