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Video Surveillance Technology

The latest advancements in video surveillance technology, HD imaging, Megapixel resolution technology and wireless technology has taken security footage services to a new level. Now, you can build a flexible and customized surveillance system that works specifically for your unique security requirements.

A video surveillance system simply means a technological device that enables one to monitor activity within the defined area (inside or outside a building). The device has to connect to a computer network system (it can be a wired or wireless connection) through a closed circuit. You cannot confuse a surveillance camera for a surveillance system, because surveillance systems are all-inclusive security packages. Each surveillance system is unique to each client’s individual security requirements.

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Wireless Video Surveillance

The success and efficiency of your surveillance system depends on the right security camera. Our collection of wireless security cameras is the ideal technological solution that you need to achieve your goals with regard to security.

Now, you don’t have to lay cables all over the place to setup complete surveillance systems. We, at Metro Video Systems have years of experience with setting up, designing, and managing wireless camera systems.

Camera Features

At Metro Video Systems, we have security cameras for your every need, so you can choose any type of camera that meets your requirements. Our camera options include outdoor cameras, vandal-proof cameras, thermal cameras, and night vision cameras. We also provide our clients with PTZ cameras to assist them with monitoring large areas. Moreover, we have software options that record, analyze, and monitor surveillance videos, allowing you to be one-step ahead of thefts, suspicious activities, and avoidable accidents.

The sturdy designs of our outdoor cameras and the vandal-proof cameras, withstand harsh temperatures and weather conditions like rain and snow. Our night vision and thermal cameras make it possible to record footage in the absence of sunlight and overhead lights, so your security surveillance will be uninterrupted.

We don’t believe in compromising the quality of the footage therefore, you can be sure that you will only get high quality video footage with our technology.


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