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Metro Video Systems is dedicated to providing the best Service and Maintenance in the Video Telecommunications and Security Industry

Service & Maintenance

MVS is dedicated to providing the best service and maintenance in the Video Telecommunications and Security industry. We have helped many clients extend the life expectancy of their CCTV systems. Let MVS provide you with a quotation on a customized service and maintenance agreement that will meet your needs contact us.

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Typical terms

Preventative and General Maintenance

MVS will be responsible for providing the tools and test equipment necessary to carry out the maintenance of the CCTV system.  We will validate that the equipment is operating correctly to the optimum performance settings. MVS will assume all responsibilities in providing the client with comprehensive preventative maintenance for all equipment, including but not limited to, cameras, servers and storage devices and all additional equipment installed by MVS. This will include cleaning of all camera lenses and domes, as well as coordinating refreshers of servers, routers, switches and cameras. MVS will make sure to keep client’s system up-to-date and operational, reduce hardware failures, and ensure that the security system is running effectively and efficiently.

Repair and Replacement Services

MVS will attempt to follow-up within a reasonable time and during normal business hours with an investigation of any reported or observed equipment malfunctions. If the equipment cannot be repaired on-site, if available, MVS will provide a temporary replacement spare. MVS’s will attempt to keep inventory of spares, including but not limited to servers, cameras, and network switches, however, at times new equipment may need to be ordered.

Installation Services

MVS will address any software or firmware problems and provide necessary upgrades when recommended by the manufacturer.

Technical Support Services

Including normal day-to-day technical support, MVS will assist the Customer with forensic search and recording data services.

Cabling Services

MVS will be responsible for all cabling and infrastructure work, including servicing connectors, splices and parts associated with the technology installed by MVS.

Training Services

MVS will be responsible for training on any changes made to servers, switches or cameras as well as any hardware and software changes made by the manufacturers. We provide a variety of in-person and remote training options for our clients and end users of surveillance systems.


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