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Metro Video Systems Provides an Array of

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  • Mobile and Remote Monitoring
  • Facility Protection
  • Operations Monitoring
  • Loss Prevention & Internet Security
  • Vandalism Dissuasion
  • Employee Safety
  • Parking Lot Safety
  • Video Surveillance for Events
  • Public Safety
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Versatile Video Projects
  • Internet Security
  • Outdoor Video

Camera Applications

Metro Video Systems offers a wide array of styles and a number of features for security cameras that are excessively being used in most industries of the world today. These applications can help businesses deal with vandalism, theft, weather monitoring and deterrence to the traffic along with much more.

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Through the combination of strong outdoor housing facilities with advanced camera features or a highly discreet camera design, an IP camera can easily be installed anywhere, without many limitations. This helps your ability of monitoring outdoor and indoor business activities diligently, recording from highly remote locations, away from the untrained eyes. You also enjoy the ability of identifying any suspicious activity within or outside your premises, to increase the safety conditions of your establishment.

We house some of the most popular video surveillance applications to make your monitoring procedures more stringent and fool-proof.

Popular Applications

Metro Video Systems offers some great applications and applies the best practices for video surveillance and other things that need consideration when you are installing a system. Contact MVS to learn more about how you can secure your premises with the best of surveillance technology that can bring a massive amount of improvement to your organization, along with complete peace of mind in terms of security.

Mobile and Remote Monitoring Capabilities

If you are looking for a very easy way of managing all your notifications and alerts, view live feeds form security cameras, or even watch the recorded videos of surveillance to check the video surveillance systems diligence, Metro Video Systems is the service provider you have been searching for. Our remote mobile applications help in keeping you connected with the surveillance through your smartphone, PC or tablet seamlessly, as you travel, work onsite or simply work from home. The incredible ease of access is what sets our systems apart from the rest.


Coherent Protection for Your Facility

The perimeters of your facilities will always require stringent regulations. Metro Video Systems enables you to secure the premises of your establishment with HD Video Cameras that are highly efficient for circumventing any and all trespassers and eventually creating a business facility that is completely secure.

Your working environment needs to evoke a certain sense of security and that is what we can help you with. You can substantially reduce and even eliminate criminal acts, while simultaneously improving all business operations soon after Metro Video Systems’ high quality security cameras are installed within your building.

Your working environment needs to evoke a certain sense of security and that is what we can help you with. You can substantially reduce and even eliminate criminal acts, while simultaneously improving all business operations soon after Metro Video System's high quality security cameras are installed within your building.


Operations Monitoring

Metro Video Systems offers the capability of monitoring all your daily operations and staying connected. You can easily manage employee activities, store lines and streamline the workflow of the operations through recorded or live video surveillance footage of your office during the working hours.

Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention & Internet Security

When a business stocks up on expensive and very valuable data, they need to take the necessary measure in order to protect it. Your business may even be housing very pricey equipment or merchandise, and without proper protection your assets run the risk of being lost. Our systems allow quick and efficient log-ins in case any alarms or alerts have been triggered and you can view what has caused the alarms to go off instantly to identify the source of the issue. 

The state-of-the-art technology we deploy offers you complete security for everything inside and outside your business facility that you hold dear. 


Vandalism Dissuasion

When your facility houses very visible deterrent cameras by Metro Video Systems it becomes easier to ward off vandals who may intend to violate your facility. The idea that they can easily be identified through the video output of MVS’ HD security cameras that are capable of facial recognition, is quite intimidating for vandals who may intend to cause damage to your property. With Metro Video Systems' security cameras, you can make any facility, be it a home or an office, vandalism-proof.

Employee Safety

Employee Safety

When you invest in Metro Video Systems for your organization, you can stay in compliance with all the safety regulations that you have to follow in order to keep your business secure, and your employees happy. When you increase the amount of safety that your employees enjoy, you can provide them with sturdy protection against frivolous lawsuits by providing an impartial and unbiased view of the incident in question.

Parking Lots

Parking Lot Safety

When it comes to the parking area in your facility, there is a lot you need to consistently monitor to decrease the amount of potential accidents occurring, avoiding damage being caused to the vehicles, stopping vandalism and eliminating the possibility of a theft. With Metro Video Systems’ powerful high definition video surveillance systems, you can easily monitor your parking lot, no matter what size, with crystal clear footage.

Video Surveillance for Events

We can help you enormously with crowd control and the presentation of any criminal occurrences by providing you with security personnel with real-time footages for the event in question. You can easily zoom in on any suspicious activity and nip it in the bud before it registers as a threat. Power modernistic IP HD Video surveillance systems have been specially designed to increase the amount of safety that you, your employees and your clients can take advantage of.

public safety

All kind of public spaces require a certain amount of safety, including places like parks, neighborhoods and communities. We offer a complete surveillance system that can be deployed in any area to counter the amount of crime and enhance public safety conditions. Law enforcement personnel will have the added advantage of viewing the footage directly from a smartphone, which helps in creating a much quicker response when an emergency arises.


Traffic Monitoring Facility

Monitoring the traffic conditions of any area is a very daunting task and it can include many minor details like peak traffic timings or the number of cars passing through each route. Metro Video Systems offers outdoor cameras that can withstand a number of harsh weather conditions while the HD cameras record crystal clear footage of even the fastest moving cars.


Versatile Video Projects

As the video technology accelerates its speed of progress, surveillance cameras are now being extensively used in many applications which may be outside the typical classifications of the security compass. There are many examples that can help demonstrate an example of such surveillance usage, including tourism marketing, animal monitoring or time-lapse videos that can be used for creative purposes. There is no project left in any field that cannot make efficient use of the services that Metro Video Systems Inc. provides.


Internet Security

Internet Protocol Video Surveillance cameras can utilize the power of web networking in order to send out or receive tons of data. This will make our surveillance systems incredibly easy to install and connect with all the devices or systems at your premises to enable you to view live feeds from the camera at any place and anytime. Mobile applications that can be installed on smartphones are used to manage the video surveillance systems efficiently so that you can enjoy the safety that you require.

Video Recording

Outdoor Video Recording Systems

When it comes to video surveillance, cameras come in a very dedicated and unique housing that aims to protect the electrical circuitry and all components from any extreme weather conditions; even too much heat or dust. They are durable devices that can be used for parking lot surveillance, public spaces, building exits and entry passages, parks and many more areas.


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