Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor Security Cameras

An outdoor camera that transmits the security footage online must always be very solidly built, and Metro Video Systems Inc. realizes that with added responsibility. The IP Cameras that we provide are made from avant-garde materials so that they can withstand any kind of harsh weather conditions. IP security cameras can also be switched to night vision so that they can be used throughout the 24 hour span. Our cameras are completely water and dust-proof, and very defensive against weather conditions that may affect the functioning of the camera systems.

Wireless IP Security cameras act as the defense system for your premises, and ithey are very effective in warding off any criminal activity. The video will be highly integrated with our software and can be transmitted though an internet connection, to be viewed in a browser on your computer. Wireless security is easier to manage and adds a lot of value to the defense system of your organization. Even in areas that security personnel cannot be deployed, the Metro Video Systems’ IP cameras will watch your walls for you.

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Advanced Camera Features

While choosing the right camera system, you need to consider which type of iris and image sensor is appropriate for the HD resolution that you need. Here are some suggestions:

  • Remote Focus Lens – This makes it easy to adjust the focus on surveillance cameras after installation. Focus may be adjusted using software apps.
  • Image sensors – This records the level of light coming into the camera iris to enhance the image while making surveillance videos. The latest CMOS image sensor is the best for HD resolution and prevents the image from becoming blurry.
  • Video Compression – This helps relay the video within the IP system to facilitate storage of video files. We have a variety of compression options for you at Metro Video Systems.
  • Corridor/Vertical Format – Using the traditional horizontal camera in narrow places like corridors is a waste of camera resolution. A vertical format maximizes resolution in narrow places like hallways and stairways, etc.
  • Video Surveillance Apps – At Metro Video Systems, we have apps for video surveillance via Smartphones, Tablets, iPhones, and iPads. These apps are from major IP camera, NVR and VMS manufacturers. Apps will give you the ability to manage camera settings and allow you to receive real-time videos. You can also be notified immediately if there is a breach of security.

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